Monday, May 16, 2016

Super Mario Worlds

Mario Worlds is a fantastic Mario game with all the ingredients that made us fall in love with that crazy plumber. This has to be one of the smoothest and clnest Mario games that I have seen. The movement physics have been skilfully done and add a slightly different feel to the game.  The levels are not static as in so many other Mario clones. Instd, Mario will have to navigate his way through moving platforms and keep his wits about him as he finds his way through Mario Worlds.
Unfortunately there is no save option, but the game is continuously being updated and improved by the developer, so check in at his site from time to time.
All in all, Mario Worlds is a promising new game from a new developer in freeware games and I hope to see more work from him.
1. Extract rar to a folder
2. double click .exe to run game
3. works on xp and vista
4. tested, works grt!!!   Download link(s):

: iurkin

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