Monday, May 16, 2016

Baldur's Gate 2 + Throne Bhaal expansion ISO

Overall Rate: 9.4 Seeing as Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn is a sequel, it picks up right where Baldur’s Gate left off. Well, almost. When you wake up, you find yourself locked in a cage, subject to ghastly experiments performed by an evil wizard. You are a godchild, son of the God of Murder…a title not likely to make you many friends. While the wizard is distracted by an attack on his stronghold by assassins, Imoen, your childhood friend, escapes from a neighboring cell and sets you free. You can’t remember why you’re even in the dungeon, but you know you need to escape. Old friends are trapped in neighboring cells, and once you set them free, it’s a hard-fought quest to escape from the jail. The beginning sequence alone can take hours and it’s entertaining, but to be truthful, it’s nothing outstanding. Get past the first ar and you emerge in the grt city of Athkatla, the capital of Amn. This is where it starts getting rlly superb. The city of Athkatla is massive, absolutely huge, and you can spend 60 hours (at lst) just doing side quests within the city, simply enjoy exploring around. Screenshot:
  Download links: (Rapidshare) (iMirror - iFile 1GB/link) (iMirror - Turbobit)   Baldur’s Gate: Throne of Bhaal
War wrks havoc among the Bhaal Spawn, and as a Child of Bhaal, you too become embroiled in the conflict. The mysteries concerning your dark heritage require final answers, and the secrets of your hidden powers are soon to be unlshed. Your journey down the Sword Coast has finally ld you just south of Amn, to the country of Tethyr. It is here, on this final battlefield, that the victors shall rise above the vanquished. You are the Bhaal Spawn, and your ultimate destiny will be yours for the taking! In the expansion set to the award-winning Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn continue your quest and conclude the epic saga. An exhilarating adventure unfolds when you explore new lands, battle fierce monsters and villains, and gain high-level abilities that bestow awesome powers.
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(Rapidshare) (iMirror - iFile 1GB/link) (iMirror - Turbobit) no pass, no needed
official included in ISO

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