Monday, May 16, 2016

Neptune's Secrets (Full Version) - New Hidden Object Game

Info:   Casual gamers in srch of a atmospheric adventure to curl up to this fall should will find plenty of game-play buried in Neptune's Secret, a new seek-and-find game that differentiates itself from many others in this re with a tightly integrated story, fun puzzles you must solve and attractive graphics that nicely fit this epic tale.
At the start of the game you'll rd a bit about Greek mythology, such as Zeus attempting to strike pce between gods and monsters, and Neptune's wrath by sinking the city of Atlantis before being turned to stone by a vengeful Zeus. Or so the story is told in this game. Fast-forward a few thousand yrs and we have a hip 21st century girl, Hannah, who is on a daring quest to uncover all the secrets of this lost civilization and the mning behind a mysterious amulet allegedly handed down since the age of Greek gods. Every few levels or so you'll be trted to a comic book-like story sequence that follows Hannah on her journey and other characters who come into play.  
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