Monday, May 16, 2016

Lula: The Sexy Empire (ISO)

After holding a bank and shooting guards, your two criminal buddies abandon you out in the middle of the desert, taking all the loot with them. This is where you start the game: In a quiet desert town, almost broke, and with the FBI on your heels. You meet up with Lula, an aspiring 'actress', and together decide to make your ways to the top. In the first part of the game you're in the small town, making enough money in a few days to buy a new identity, and evade the advancing FBI net, by taking photos and s of Lula in the nrby hotel. Once you get enough money, you decide to go into proper business for yourselves. The second part consists of you setting up a -making business, hiring and firing staff, erating 'plots', setting up cutting and editing facilities, and haggling for the best distribution dls until you are able to be a distributor yourself. Build up money here and we advance to the final section of the game.

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