Monday, May 16, 2016

Blogger - Posting Tips and Tricks With TTC Community - Theloo

Hello TTC members,The following tips and tricks will help you avoid from detection of inappropriate activities and rn more out of the box in TTC Community – TheLoo:

Do not add new label/egoryAlways choose appropriate ones from the listRemember to also tell if your links point to Rapidshare, Megaupload server, etc. (This can be done through Label/egory and LinkShield box)
Do not include unnecessary tags like RS, MU, etc- just the title
Your post must be attached with screenshot(s) - s from the story
Download link(s)
Check your download links both before and after posting to make sure they work as expected. Tell if your download links point to RAPIDSHARE, MEGAUPLOAD, etc. (You can also choose from the Label/egory)
Write your summary in the 'Summary' part. (This includes product cover and tag line)Write the full information in the second part. (This includes more information, screenshot, download links, note, , etc.)In case you want to copy and paste any information from another website, first paste to 'Notepad', which you can open from your > Start > Run > notepad. Doing this will ensure the correct format and save your time from re-editing.
Activity and Role
Your role will be determined by your activeness in the community - mning the more you contribute, the more you will be promoted to access special privilege in the community. (Asking for it is just pointless)
Your membership, though marked as permanent, can be removed once long period of inactivity and or serious violation is detected.
Some tips and tricks on how to attract more downloads:Consider your post as a product which always needs customers - be precise and convincing Put yourself in your customer's shoe - how would you feel if the product is not in good quality as you expected? 'Label/egory' is the hrt of your product - people have different liking, so label your product correctly. Share your story with the rest of the world - bookmark your products to some famous social bookmarking services like,,, etc. You can do this by using the button under ch post or Social Poster. Examine your customers' comments to your product constantly - provide necessary help to show you do care. Post often and through a time frame - set yourself a schedule and make it as a job.Remember, your proper activity with Total Collection Community - TheLoo will help you benefit more and endlessly.
Hope you enjoy posting as we enjoy having you a member.

Happy sharing,
TTC Administrator

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