Monday, May 16, 2016


Summary: Play online. Against rl people.
You usually play the bad guy (the ) and you have to do tasks that involve into secure servers, stling money from other characters and also stling identities & personal files. As you become more skilled, you rn more money per 'job well done' so you can afford new and powerful hardware to perform tasks in less time. I would say the best part of a simulator is the addiction it crtes. It's definitely more addictive than a puzzle game or word game. When playing an exoSyphen game you skip mls and sleep less so you can play more.

A new concept is introduced with Evolution is training. Due to the complexity of the elements, prior to the relse of the game, we will work in close contact with gamers, to shape the game as they expect it to be, and also give them the chance to accomodate with this complex gameplay.

Game play
The game takes place in a virtual world. The concept of missions and levels is eliminated. The entire world advances and evolves, based on the users actions. Predicting what will happen next, will be almost impossible. The game will be neverending. Shortly after the relse of the single player version, and online version will shortly be made available.
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