Monday, May 16, 2016

Discworld Noir iSO

  Summary: Crted by British author Terry Pratchett in a fictional novel series bring the same name, Discworld is a fantasyland full of wizards, dwarves, and trolls. Following Discworld and Discworld II: Mortality Bytes!, Discworld Noir is the third graphic adventure title based on Pratchett’s work. Previous games of the series have been classic 2D adventures that follow the humorous and wild life of Rincewind, a clumsy student of wizardry in Discworld. In contrast, Discworld Noir brings a whole new protagonist, theme, and style that are not seen in the previous titles. True to its name, Discworld Noir is -noir-esque. The protagonist Lewton, Discworld’s first and only Private Investigator, is a new addition to the Discworld cast. Lewton is a typical -noir type detective—an always broke, hvy drinking, sarcastic ex-cop, complete with a hat and a trench coat. Carlotta is the inevitable femme fatale, a woman of many mysteries. Ankh-Morpork is now a dark city that is the home to all the scum of Discworld. The usual slapstick and silly Discworld humor has been replaced by a decidedly darker tone of comedy, albeit the game still makes sarcastic references to famous -noir classics such as Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon.
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