Monday, May 16, 2016

Zeus: Master of Olympus and Posiedon expansion

Sierra Entertainment Impressions Games Strategy Relse: Oct 22, 2000 » ESRB: Everyone
Zeus is a major improvement for Impressions' line of city-building games, and it's a significant advancement for city-building games in eral.

Zeus: Master of Olympus follows in the same tradition as Impressions' other rl-time city-building games, including Pharaoh and the Caesar series. These games combine the urban-management elements of Maxis' SimCity along with the colonial and imperial objectives of Blue Byte's Settlers games. Yet although Zeus is similar to its predecessors, it offers numerous enhancements and improvements that make it a much better game. These include ftures and options reminiscent of Ensemble's Age of Empires rl-time strategy games as well as MicroProse's classic Civilization series. As a result, Zeus plays like a best-of-all-worlds combination of some of the grtest strategy games ever.
Zeus: Master of Olympus Download link(s):
(Uploaded 550MB/link) (iMirror - Turbobit) (iMirror - FileCloud) (For backup only)
This is encrypted: *** : All below packed and uploaded here:
: If you installed the posiedon expansion then use this:(I can gaurantee this works 100% on a full install since this is what I use to play now, it has to be a full installation though): Poseidon_Zeus_NO.ace If you only have zeus-master of olympus installed (again, a full installation) then use this: Okay this is for all who have downloaded zeus only and the dint work for them even if u tried it on win 95/98. just google out this "MYT-Z101.ZIP" and paste it to original installed folder. It works fine and even on win 7.   Plse thanks/vote to encourage more like this

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