Monday, May 16, 2016

Tetris Zone

  One of the largest selling and recognized brands in gaming history is now available for .
Tetris Zone offers four modes of play, from the simple, yet challenging 15-level Marathon mode
to an instant hard-drop variation and more.
Stunning 3D graphics take the Tetris experience to new levels of play.
Get back into the game and re-acquaint yourself with Tetris®, one of the best puzzle games ever made!
Game ftures:
• Four game variations will keep you entertained for hours:
- Marathon - 15 challenging levels of gameplay.
- Challenge - See how far you can go in 10 minutes!
- Sprint - Race to clr 40 lines.
- Master - Instant drops - think fast!
• Awesome graphics and sounds heighten the Tetris experience.
• Automatically upload your score to a world-wide Lder Board -
compare your ranking against players from the around the world!
• An authentic Tetris® Game designed and optimized specifically for .
System requirements:
• 2000/XP/Vista
• OpenGL 1.4
• 700 MHz
• 512 MB RAM >> Download link(s):
: --- It works just use the online option and login with any Username and Pass

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