Monday, May 16, 2016

Tarzan grt kids game

One of the Action Games from Disney, kids have a running, jumping, climbing, tree-surfing, vine swinging good time in this arcade adventure.

As Tarzan, you grow from a boy to a man as you make your way through 13 levels of jungle jammin 3D fun. Play as multiple characters from the including Tarzan, Terk and Jane. Romp through the jungle on an elephant's back. Ride a stork. Take on Sabor and Clayton. Can you face the rhinos, alligators, snakes and elephant stampedes?

These graphics are incredible. Like the there are exotic loions filled with surprises and secret ars. There are five different style bonus levels and special clips and music from Disney's Tarzan.

Straight from the kids' mouths the surfing level is rad and this game is cool Kids (and parents) won't want to quit playing.

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