Monday, May 16, 2016

Supreme Snowboarding - ISO  [pc_ign_com]
{"Use as backup purpose only"} by: Atari
Developed by: Housemarque
Relse Date: Jan 2000
Rating: 8.6 3 different environments with rlistic landscapes, various wther, lighting conditions, and riding surfaces The most rlistic snowboarding simulation on PC Rl time 3D graphics with volumetric lights and shadows, skeletal character animations and parametric curve surfaces Play with up to 7 other players on a local network! Unlike most games this one can be played straight from the box. You only need the instructions to refine your skills. You can play it for as little or long a time as you like. The graphics are undemanding of your computer and run well.
A good old fashioned , simple to use but engrossing game! Full:
Supreme Snowboarding gameplay

Download link(s): (rapidshare) (megaupload) Mount with daemon tools (for example) and keep it mounted to play Or you can download a no of course...
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