Monday, May 16, 2016

Secret Service: Ultimate Sacrifice (PROCYON and RiP)  [pc_ign_com]
{"Use as backup purpose only"} by: Activision Value
Developed by: Cauldron
Relse Date: November 4, 2008
re: First-Person Shooter Secret Service allows players to assume the role of an elite at, tasked with protecting America's top ldership. The game takes place on Inauguration Day in Washington D.C. An extremist assault has been launched against the capitol - security has been compromised and it is unclr who is friend or foe. There is no time for negotiation as you are thrust out of the shadows and into the line of fire in order to protect the nation’s lders. The tactical first person action takes place among famous landmarks and everywhere in between, including both Marine One and Air Force One. Full:

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Relse detail: Rd Here
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