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Scooby Doo: Mystery of the Fun Park Phantom


Scooby Doo: Mystery of the Fun Park Phantom is a 1999 mystery computer game developed by Engineering Animation, Inc. (I) and published by SouthPk Interactive. The game was relsed for and was, in fact, the first commercial Scooby-Doo game for the operating system. It is intended for young children up to young teens.

The "Mystery Inc." gang find themselves stranded nr an old farmhouse adjacent to an apparently abandoned amusement park. Approaching the farmhouse for help with their van, the gang lrns that the Gobs, the residents of the home, own the adjacent park, Gobs O' Fun. However, the park is being haunted by a phantom, scaring customers away. Without any customers, the Gobs are on the brink of bankruptcy, which will force them to sell the park.
The gang agrees to help the Gobs find the culprit in exchange for help getting their van repaired.

Designed by Rick Raymer, the game was originally slated to be called Scooby Doo: Mystery of the Gobs O' Fun Ghoul, but was changed by SouthPk during development.
SouthPk, with an arrangement with Time-Warner, provided the tm with tapes of all 25 original half-hour episodes of Scooby-Doo to help them inject the game with an authentic feel.
After the initial game design was complete, Raymer designed a full board game of the proposed computer game. An entire game board complete with game pieces representing the Scooby characters was produced by the art tm. Mike Hasson, director of I, later exclaimed this to be a terrific waste of time and resources. The development tm brought in a group of the target demographic, children between the ages of seven and eleven, in order to test the game. Raymer acted as the gamemaster, performing the management of the game that would eventually be handled by the computer. One member of the development tm paired up with ch player and acted as a mentor, helping them know what could and couldn't be done ch turn.

The focus group was lukewarm to the gameplay, the rewards and the eral feel of the game. Only minor modifiions were needed before executing the proposed design.

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