Monday, May 16, 2016

RS/MU/MV/NL/ES/HF/MS Premium Link !

Dman91 and lionshelter have finally finished coding/testing/integrating the custom premium link which allows you to download from hostings without waiting and limitation. It took them 6 months from the time they started coding this entire project. And it's been in a private/limited BETA testing for the past 1.5 months. They've ironed out most of the bugs (and as far as we know, there are none). URL:
User: public
Pass: public 1.) First off, the URL, of course

2.) Premium/Personal accounts are not being made/given out yet. So everyone will be using the public account. Username and are both public.

3.) Once logged in, click on Download or Download Limits.

4.) Enter your links, click Download.

5.) erated links will be returned in the download box.

6.) Copy them, add them to IDM.
Q. What download manager do you recommend?
A. For - Use IDM. We 'officially' support it.
For Linux- Use DownThemAll (A firefox extension). Unless you can find something better and let us know. If you're going to download without a download manager, plse do not come back complaining about slow speeds. Direct downloads (without using a download manager) will ALWAYS be slow.

Q. Why do I get 0-byte link/file?
A. You probably tried this type of link:
That's wrong. Plse remove the rsXXX part from the link. Note that if you have a dynamic IP, and you used a different IP to erate, you won't be able to download. Use the reerate link option to fix that. (Note that there is no possibility of remote uploading). If you still get 0-byte files, plse PM me or Dman with your link. Q. When do the erated links expired?
A. We've set our server to expire these links 48 hours after eration. If they expire before that timeframe, due to any rson, plse reerate them. Reeration tutorial is posted on the site.

Q. When do the files get deleted off your server?
A. Our system strms the file to you, directly. We do not host/store anything on our servers for obvious legal and performance rsons. So no 'file delete' stuff.

Q. I get slow speeds, why?
A. At the time of writing this FAQ, it's been 3 days since RP was launched. In that time, we've served 45,000+ downloads, 3TB+ bandwidth, and over 20,000,000 connections/requests. If you paid attention in your primary class, you'll know (by now) why the downloads are slow at times.

Q. Will you go down?
A. Permanently... no. Temporarily, possible. There's just me and Dman managing and looking after this service. We both have lives too. Dman has a very busy schedule, and so do I. We cannot monitor the server 24/7 so we try our best to solve issues as and when we find them out.

Q. I cannot access the site!
A. Post in this thrd. And we'll take a look.

Q. Downloads are slow.. your service sucks!
A. Plse don't use it.

Q. I had a problem!
A. Plse expand on the details. Unless you want to continue having those problems.

A. Sprd the word. Be considerate. Help people in the thrd with their problems (if you can).

A. Tax free?

Q. YO, your FAQ ain't address my problem?
A. Post it in this thrd. Will add it to this FAQ.

Q. I'm a noob. I donno how to erate links OR reerate them.
A. tutorials are here: Sites to check for updates - The UserCP Enjoy while you can Fan Sigs

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