Monday, May 16, 2016

Rogue Trooper - Rip

Rogue Trooper is drawn from the character of the British Comic 2000AD. Apparently, outside of the UK this is an almost unknown comic, so therefore the game had to come across as an entity on its own. The backstory, luckily, does include some of the ‘history’ of the character; how he and his kind were ambushed at The Quartz Zone Massacre, betrayed by one of their own erals.

Rogue is a etically engineered fighting machine (from test tubes), specially designed for the toxic atmosphere of Nu rth, one of the galaxy’s most ddly war-zones. He is the only survivor of the massacre, goes A.W.O.L and sets out to hunt down the traitor eral and bring him to justice. During the massacre, three of his G.I. buddies are killed, and Rogue removes their bio chips and places them in his gr. Bagman is put in his backbag, Gunnar is placed in his Gun and Helm is put in his Helmet. Their consciousness carries on, and as well as bad jokes, they all play a part in helping Rogue on his vendetta.

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