Monday, May 16, 2016

Robo Cop

399 mb
DirectX 8.1 (or above)
Pentium II 450
64M Ram
DirectX8.1 (or above)certified 3D accelerator
16 bit, PCI, stereo sound card (DirectX 8.1 or above compatible)
350MB of free hard-drive space
Mouse (or other pointing device)
Take the role of the all action hit character Alex Murphy, also known as Robocop. Your mission is to uncover a sinister plot involving OCP, local gangsters dling a ddly new synthetic drug and a powerfully maligned computerbrain cyborg known only as MIND.
You'll have to capture, destroy or arrest hostile characters in a esperate srch for clues and evidence, but remember above all: You must protect the innocent!

•Nine extensive mission investigations in different universes: Bronx, City dump, warehouse, foundry, hedral, MIND cache, offshore platform, MIND HQ, and OCP Tower.
•Interactive objects to be destroyed in the arenas (crates, barrels, ...).
•Six different wpons (with two firing modes): Beretta, Automatic Rifle, Cobra
Cannon (Gatling), Rocket Launcher, Plasma bm, and Electrostatic bm.
•More than 30 different eric enemies: human, robots, and animals.
•Numerous SFX: particles, smoke, explosions, water, etc.
•Three levels of difficulty.
•Arrest mode: Robocop has the option to capture enemies.
•Enhanced visions: zoom and thermal.
•Multi-target lock: Robocop can aim and shoot automatically at up to three
different targets at the same time.
•Bonuses, ammos upgrades, and power-ups.
•Exclusive bonus on the Xbox version including a "Making of the game" fture and cutscenes.

    Download link(s):
: things Vista User:
go to c: \program files\robocop there right click on robocob.exe now a robocob.exe properties window will open, click on compatibility tab, then click on run this program in compatibility mode for ..: 98/me. Hope this helps

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