Monday, May 16, 2016

Restaurant Empire (ISO)  [pc_ign_com]
{"Use as backup purpose only"} Published by: Enlight
Developed by: Enlight
re: Economic Simulation
of Players: 1
IGN Score: 7.8 Restaurant Empire is the first game that faithfully recrtes all the challenges of building and operating a restaurant franchise through a unique blend of business-simulation and RPG gameplay. Starting with nothing except some cash and a passion for food, build a restaurant from the bottom up--hire waiters, decorate, even cook the mls! Buy, build, outsell and, underprice your competition. Fturing three culinary capitals to operate in, five restaurant cuisines to choose from, over 30 unique chefs to interact with and nrly 200 recipes to source, your business sense and culinary taste will be tested to the limit. Full:
Restaurant Empire gameplay

Download link(s): (rapidshare)
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