Monday, May 16, 2016

Rail Simulator (ISO .2007) Multi

  Summary: This is the game that Rail enthusiasts have been waiting for! Rail Simulator provides the most rlistic simulation of trains possible on a PC. Plus we provide you, the player, with powerful tools to crte your own railway world.
    ftures of the game:

Stunningly rlistic graphics & audio.
The game makes full use of modern graphics cards and X audio to achieve a believable environment.

Accurate train driving simulation.
Careful msurement, moing and simulation of rl trains allow us to provide highly accurate handling characteristics.

Stm, Diesel and Electric trains.
Contemporary and historic trains are provided with the game to appl to all types of train enthusiast.

Three levels of driving difficulty.
ch train can be driven in sy, intermediate or expert mode. sy provides a wonderful "install and go" experience which allows even the novice driver to experience the thrill of train driving. But be warned, Expert mode requires an attention to detail in common with driving the actual train - take special care of every
little detail!

Passenger and Freight operations.
The environments and rolling stock supplied with the game let you focus on driving both passenger and freight - ch needing its own specific skills.
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