Monday, May 16, 2016

Raiden III–PC

Relse Date: TBA
Also on: PS2, Arcade
re: Shooter
Publisher: CyberFront Corporation
Developer: Moss Ltd.
Detail: Raiden III is a port of the classic arcade shooter, complete with a stage select mode that lets you replay stages once you've clred them. [START ART]  FTURES: Various powerups provide new wpons Huge waves of enemies Giant bosses provide a grt challenge

[END ART] [START DOWNLOAD] (fileserve) : Once extraction is complete run one of the Setup.exe files and install.
Installing: click the bottom right button or just press enter will get you through the default install screens.
After the installation is done copy the Raiden 3 No into the Raiden III install directory and run it. Press enter for the boxes that appr and it's .
Enjoy!   Use this pass to set up: ikn0thing [END DOWNLOAD]   Plse thanks/subscribe if you like this post. Any preview / review about it, U the players?

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