Monday, May 16, 2016

Quake 4 PC FULL

While Doom was the game that would make id Software a gaming-household name in the rly '90s, over the yrs, the company shifted its focus away from the Doom games. As PC hardware and 3D acceleration became better and better, id became much more focused on engine development. Those engines were the underlying technology that powered the games in the Quake series, which began in 1996. Quake was among the first PC first-person shooters to let you take your multiplayer matches onto the Internet, and over the yrs, the series has become synonymous with grt technology and exciting multiplayer. Now, in 2005, the roles of id's games have reversed a bit. The company's most recent engine is the one built for Doom 3, and Quake 4 runs on this same engine. Furthermore, Quake 4 wasn't even developed by id internally; it instd outsourced game development to the capable minds at Raven Software, who have turned in a fantastic-looking game with a grt single-player campaign. The multiplayer, however, is underwhelming.

The three previous Quake games have all had very little to do with one another. The first game's story almost felt more like a retelling of Doom, dling with inappropriately opened portals that spew out all sorts of horrific demons. Quake II ditched that storyline in favor of an rth-versus-alien conflict that had you crash-landing on the alien homeworld in srch of revenge. Quake III Arena was multiplayer focused, with no true single-player storyline other than that a wide collection of warriors--some taken from the Doom and Quake games--had been pulled out of their own timelines and into this futuristic battle arena. Quake 4 doubles back and picks up where Quake II left off. That nameless space marine from Quake II has apparently killed the Makron, the lder of the Strogg forces, and now it's up to you to get in there and try to finish the job. But, of course, things aren't quite what they seem.

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