Monday, May 16, 2016

Play & Lrn - Eduional Game for Little Kids

Play n Lrn:
Dorling Kindersley Eduional Software for Little Kids
Highly recommended game for younger kids.
Summary: If you have a child at home & currently in preschool then this software is definitely one you should not be missing. These games are very stimulating for kids around 3-7 yrs old & aside from lrning, kids actually have a blast playing these wonderful games!

Equipped with a kid-friendly interface, this software can be navigated around sily by 3-yr-olds as it does not involve typing, or any use or involvement of the board as it might cause confusion to a child in the rly yrs.

Complete with amazing child-simple visuals, music & funny sound effects, this game is every parents' drm, a fun & sy way to lrn & an undeniable hit to the ger youngsters.

With over 70+ entertaining games to browse through in all egories, there is absolutely no room for boredom! Full:

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