Monday, May 16, 2016

OIO 2011 - THETA

Relse Date: Sep. 23, 2011
Publisher: Uncanny
Developer: Uncanny
Platform(s): PC
re: Action
Detail: OIO, a little guy made of wood, awakes in a subterrann world where all his compatriots stand frozen in time. OIO does not remember what led him and his people into this dark sleep. He will have to collect informations to uncover the terrible truth while using the power of the seeds to progress to the top of this strange universe and rch for the sun. OIO is a scrolling platform puzzler, with simple yet intrie game elements with its main goal to collect all the orbs and fragments on ch level to unlock the mystery and piece the story together. The player will guide OIO through a series of scrolling levels in the twilight domain, using the seeds he acquires to grow and combine wooden bms to solve incrsingly intrie physical puzzles, master the propagation of fire in the wooden world, and climb ever higher. OIO's power can be used in different ways, mixing classic platform gameplay and puzzle situations. He is able to combine up to three wooden bms at the same time. He will use them to climb cliffs, jump higher, solve puzzles and control the fire propagation. With his unique hand-made art style and original music, OIO will draw you ever deeper into his strange universe. [START ART]  FTURES: Stunning presentation; simple but challenging gameplay; clever stage design transition from organic to mechanic.

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