Monday, May 16, 2016

Micro Machines V4 [2006]

The micro racing series returns with this fourth edition of the multiplayer mini-r. Mixing miniature mayhem with maximum multiplayer racing, Micro Machines v4 arrives packed with knockabout, brkneck racing in the fastest scale miniatures, complete with explosive wpon power-ups. Letting you loose with hundreds of vehicles, ch with distinctive performance abilities, you'll be racing your inch-long miniature motors on wild tracks where everyday household objects appr immense in size and can become lethal hazards. Fans of classic Micro Machines games will rejoice in the return of some of the series' most popular racing arenas. Of course, it wouldn't be Micro Machines without an arsenal of power-ups and wpons to collect and use on your opponents while you’re racing, and v4 brings all the favourites back, including the car-mounted giant hammer!   Download links: Part 1 | Part 2 |

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