Monday, May 16, 2016

Metro 2033 – SKIDROW + Updates

Relse Date: March 16, 2010
re: First-Person Shooter
Publisher: THQ
Developer: 4A Games The whole world lies in ruins. Humanity is almost annihilated. Due to the high-level of radiation cities became unsuitable for living. Humans have yielded the supremacy on rth to a new species. Crtures mutated by radiation are more adapted to the changed world. There are only clusters of humans left on the planet ... At lst, that's what the ten thousand survivors camped out in the various sections of the Moscow metro must believe, since they have no evidence that they are not the last ones alive. And now, even this way of life is being thrtened by the evolved evil from outside. As Artem, you set out from the first invaded colony, fighting through a society of divided by desperate politics, ideologies and economies to warn the rest and rch the Polis stronghold before everything is destroyed. Metro 2033 is a gripping, atmospheric first person shooter experience powered by cutting edge technology, fturing full DX10 and NVIDIA PhysX support for high-end gaming PCs, to deliver incredible visuals Witness the everyday horrors of a society living in constant fr Brave the darkness of the tunnels, where mutants hunt their prey and ghostly spirits lurk Explore the desolate city-surface, trusting your gas mask and rifle to protect you from a poisoned world and the crtures that roam there Steel your nerve and prepare to face the terrors that await Full:

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Relse detail: SKIDROW UPDATE 1:
Relse detail: SKIDROW UPDATE 2:
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