Monday, May 16, 2016

Megaman X4 (USA) (PC) (Rockman)

Following the third deft of Sigma, Cain Labs issues an initiative to crte a supplementary military force to complement the Maverick Hunters. The army, called the Repliforce, is a strict military regime led by eral and his second-in-command, Colonel.
Six months following the inception of the group, Cain Labs finds its methods to be ineffective, questionable, and potentially dangerous in the Maverick defense. To make matters worse, behind the scenes, eral has been meeting with a mysterious figure who plots the Hunters' demise, insinuating that they are a "significant thrt" to the jurisdiction of the Maverick Hunters.

- Megaman and Zero must save the world from an army of reploids
- 2 playable characters with unique attributes
- 8 new enemy bosses
- 2 distinct storylines
- For 1 player

I put MegamanX4.iso into C:\MegamanX4 folder because it is sier for me to use daemon to mount where it is. That's simple.

Once you have installed and make sure you restart your computer first then started DAEMON tools, you should now see a "lightning bolt" icon (green) next to your PC clock. [Screen Shot Below]
Ignore the clock because it is not my time tonight, lol.

Go ahd and right click that icon and then left click "VIRTUAL /-ROM" , then left click "Set of devices...", then decide on how many virtual drives you wish to have. For this tutorial I only choose "1 drive" (red). [Screen Shot Below]

After that, go ahd and right click that "lightning bolt" icon again, left click "VIRTUAL /-ROM" again. Then left click "Device 0: [*Letter*] No media", then left click "Mount " (blue). [Screen Shot Below]

After clicking the "Open" button and wait for it to install.

Dont check either of them unless you have an old computer. If you have better
computer then just lve it as is. Click Next.

You must have MAXMIUM of 372MB, OK ? Click Finish

Until it is finish then wait for something automatically appr on the screen. VIOLA! You are able to play like this:

One more thing:
To remove it, right click that icon and then left click "VIRTUAL /-ROM" , then left click "Set of devices...", then click "Disable".
POOF! Its gone! Or it with Img and install it as instruction above.

Download link(s):(megaupload)
You just had to rename the zips because they were the same exact name and the only thing different was the s at the end. this worked.
Download and install 7Zip of course...
First of all download all files into the same folder. You will have 3 files..
Make sure all file names match. in this case name.7z.001 , name.7z.002 , name.7z.003 ...
Right click the first file (name.7z.001) and if you have the latest version you will see the 7 Zip menu(Pic 2), enter that menu.. if you have an older version like me (you need to upgrade folks ) you wont see a seperate 7 Zip menu (Pic 1) but you will still see the "Extract files" and "Extract here" options.
Plse thanks/vote to encourage more like this

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