Monday, May 16, 2016

Megaman X Collection (PC) (Rockman)

A collection put together of X1-X8 with NOs and it is NOT sale by Capcom. Someone modified them into the disc to allow you to play on PC without worry about anything. ENJOY!
Mega Man Xis based on the original SNES version.Mega Man X2is also the SNES version, because before this collection was relsed there was only an SNES version available. The rest of the games are based on their PlayStation renditions, whichX4andX6later re-relsed in Singapore's AMK Hub.Mega Man Battle & Chaseis a secret game that is unlocked after completing the first three games. It is a classic series kart-racing game previously unrelsed in North America. The Saturn and PlayStation versions ofMega Man X3were also not available in North America, and include remixed music and anime scenes. However, the PC version eventually did see a relse in North America.

Download link(s):(rapidshare)
Download all 7 parts. Now, open part 1 and extract all 9 parts inside to the
new folder. Then open part 2 and extract all 10-18 and so on until you finish 7th parts and you will have all 1-62 parts in the new folder. Now, open other part 1 and you will have .iso file inside it and extract it and you will have .iso and use daemon mount and run it. That's simple.
For Megaman X6 :
Check the folder "Autoplay\Docs\Extras\No-\" for and .
The rests of them are installable from the Autorun
Plse thanks/vote to encourage more like this

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