Monday, May 16, 2016

Megaman Leds

In MEGA MAN LEDS you take control of everyone's favorite blue hero, Mega Man. At the beginning of the game ,you find you've crash-landed on the island of Kattelox, and your ship is in need of repairs. While attempting to find the necessary parts to fix their ship, our frless trio discovers that the island is under attack, and Mega Man, being the hero that he is, must stop it. You'll have to guide him through a fully polygonal 3D world composed of brightly colored towns and huge landscapes, and along the way you'll meet a large cast of characters who will help the story unfold. Keeping you company are Mega Man's sister Roll, their Grandpa Barrel, and their wacky pet mon Data. The actual game play is a departure from other titles in the series, mainly because the focus is more on role-playin gand exploration rather than straight platform action.

Screen Shots


-Extract to desired loion
-Run the "Unpack" file (this will start the extraction process)KEEP this file OPEN until the WHOLE game is successfully installed!
-When your SURE its completed Run the file called "inject" This will inject all the audio needed for the game as well as finish the installation
-When the installation is complete it will tell u in the unpack program that you should still have open.
-Then go ahd and run the Megaman.exe file and Enjoy!!!

Download Link (s)
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