Monday, May 16, 2016

ManHunt RIP *Most Violent Game EVER* 18+

Manhunt is perhaps the most violent, amoral game ever made, and it's entirely unapologetic about it. Produced by the same tm that crted Grand Theft Auto, it sees you cast as a dth-row inmate reprieved from the chair to take part in a sick game run by a snuff- producer.  
You're forced to snk around a series of maze-like levels killing "hunters" and SWAT-tm members as you go, using such unsavoury methods as suffoing them with plastic bags and cutting their throats with shards of glass. This is primarily a stlth-based title, using many of the same techniques as Metal Gr Solid--you shuffle around walls, peer round corners and use noise to attract and distract the enemy.
This aspect of the game works extremely well thanks to the superb graphics and sound. These crte an intense level of tension, so that when you mistakenly knock into an abandoned shopping trolley and alert a hunter, it's rlly quite terrifying. The combat, just as in GTA, is handled rather less well--but it's not anywhere bad enough to ruin the whole game.
The story revolves around a man on Dth Row named James rl Cash, sentenced to dth by lethal injection due to a grievous crime, the nature of which is never explained. An exceedingly wlthy former Hollywood director named Starkwther, who runs a seedy community in an impoverished town named Carcer City, bribes the doctors to inject Cash with a powerful sedative instd.
The Director, as he likes to call himself, crtes and distributes snuff s through a company named Valiant Enterprises. He sets up Cash as his latest star using the corrupt Carcer City police force, as well as his personal "Cerberus" guards, to corral Cash into butchering Carcer's local gangs on camera to make violent, visceral, underground snuff s. Download link(s):
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |
1. Unrar the files
2. open tmhunt.rar
3. Click on '_Unpak' the MS-DOS file
4. Once its all unpacked, click on the manhunt icon, also displayed as manhunt.exe
5. Then a small window pops up, enter in your screen size and hit play!
6. No Installation needed!

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