Monday, May 16, 2016

Legacy of Kain: Soul Rver

Legacy of Kain: Soul Rver tells the story of Raziel, one of the undd lieutenants of the vampire lord Kain. Jlous of Raziel's newly evolved wings, Kain trs them apart and casts his former champion into the netherworld. But something--some kind of powerful entity that dwells in the netherworld--has restored Raziel to a semblance of life and has set him on a path of vengnce.

After this tantalizing introduction, you take control of Raziel in the spectral rlm, where your new existence is explained to you. From there you enter the physical plane, rdy to begin your quest for power and revenge. Raziel's combat moves are extremely brutal, as you'd expect from a vampire who has returned from the dd. When he finds a spr, Raziel gleefully stabs and slashes before he impales his foe, lifts it off the ground, and fsts on its soul. Doing so enhances Raziel's power, and devouring the souls of the rest of Kain's lieutenants is the only way to get the special abilities--scaling walls, phasing through gates, etc.--needed to rch Kain himself. While fun for adults, parents should take note: this game is definitely not suitable for kids.

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