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Iphone -Touch Ipa / Apps - November 6  [www__com]
{"Use as backup purpose only"} The iPhone is an internet-connected multimedia smartphone designed and marketed by Inc. with a flush multi-touch screen and a minimal hardware interface. The device lacks a physical board, so a virtual board is rendered on the touch screen. The iPhone's functions include those of a camera phone and portable media player (equivalent to the iPod) in addition to text messaging and visual voicemail. It also offers Internet services including e-mail, web browsing, and local Wi-Fi connectivity. The first eration phone hardware was quad-band GSM with EDGE; the second eration also adds UMTS with HSDPA.[11] announced the iPhone on January 9, 2007.[12] The announcement was preceded by rumors and speculation that circulated for several months.[13] The iPhone was initially introduced in the United States on June 29, 2007 and is in the process of being introduced worldwide. It was named Time magazine's Invention of the Yr in 2007.[14] On July 11, 2008, the iPhone 3G was relsed and supported faster 3G data speeds and Assisted GPS.[11] Full:

Download link(s): (rapidshare)
November Ipas & apps:
Nov 1-2, 2008 Download link(s): * Nov 3, 2008 Download link(s): * Nov 4, 2008 Download link(s): iHunt.v1.0

egory: Games Price: $0.99
Relsed: Oct 31, 2008
Size: 1.9 MB
Latest version: 1.0
Appliion description
From the makers of iFish comes iHunt!
Get the deer in your sights... hold stdy... FIRE!
Three different hunting venues: deer, phsant, and clay pigeons. Use either the rifle with 3x scope or the trusty old shotgun. Aim with the accelerometer.
Enjoy the rlistic hunting sounds and scenery. Try to bt your best score. Includes 4 levels of difficulty.
- Accelerometer-based aiming
- Rlistic hunting sounds
- Butiful scenery
- Animated flying phsants and clay pigeons
- Score keeping
Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iPhone 2.1 Software Update
Download: Download link(s): OrbLive

Orb Networks
egory: Entertainment
Price: $9.99
Relsed: Sep 03, 2008
Size: 3.1 MB
Seller: Orb Networks
Latest version: 2.0.3
Appliion description
OrbLive turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a multimedia receiver. Want to watch live ? It’s just a click away. Want to listen to music while you’re on the go? Rock on! Watch downloaded s at the coffee-house? Pull up a comfy chair.
OrbLive is a scrmer over Wifi, but it even works over 3G or Edge (only for music and photos for now). Select your media, and push play. No need to synch or upload to a website ahd of time. OrbLive plays any media, in virtually any format.
Just download Orb onto the PC* where you have your media. Then use OrbLive to enjoy your media on your iPhone or iPod touch. All your media - it’s just better on OrbLive.
* Coming soon for Mac and Linux computers.
Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iPhone 2.0 Software Update
Download: Download link(s): iParrot : Talking Bird v1.1

iParrot is your very own interactive talking Polly. Record different phrases and funny sounds and listen as the Parrot repts them during playback. Make this tropical jungle animal say whatever you want. This bird also lays an ster Egg, can you find it?
iParrot is grt for a laugh and a fun app to play around with
Download: Download link(s): Elevens v1.1

Elevens is a fast paced and challenging card game. By crting combinations with a total card value of eleven points, you try to empty the table which has 22 cards at start. When cards are being deleted, cards benth them will be unblocked and included in the game.
The game has three levels and an unlimited of bonus levels. You proceed to a bonus level when the cards on the table are gone. With the built-in High Score, playing Elevens will always be challenging and addictive.
Elevens makes grt use of the iPhone's touchscreen. Because of the length of the game, it's always fun wherever you are.
New in this version
- Saves when receiving a call or sudden stopping the game. Restarts the game at beginning of level when returning.
- Selection of cards better
- Better and clrer sound
- Possibility to mute sound during game, setting is saved.
Download: Download link(s): Zombie Invasion v1.0

Do you have todays high score? Dominate the lderboards by surviving zombie attacks for as long as possible. The more zombies you slaughter, the more points youll get.
-Daily high scores
-Monthly high scores
-All time high scores
-Scary zombies
Are you rdy for the undd?
Things you can expect in the first free update:
- Save state of game if you get a phone call, text message, or just exit the game. This way you can pick up exactly where you left off.
- Difficulty settings, much harder modes.
- Better scoreboard connectivity
- Ability to upload scores at a later time if edge/WiFi connection is not available or if connection failed for any rson.
Download: Download link(s): Wings v1.0

Wings brings the fun, excitement and relaxation of flying to everyone, not just pilots. Wings flight visualizer and virtual worlds have the most butiful terrains and environments available on the iPhone. Tailor your flying to have fun or just relax and enjoy the scenery. Play your own music from your iPhone or choose one of the built-in tracks. Go srching for distant valleys or the endless river. Make Wings your own personal flying escape. Download it now and youll be amazed. This is a fun and entertaining way to pass time for anyone and is 100% safe for kids. Both relaxing and fun, Wings is the best way to get away.
Wings is about the flying experience and lets you coast above hilltops, make barrel rolls sily, explore the scenery. It's actually quite relaxing and a ton of fun.
Play in complete silence, listen to your own songs from your iPhone or to one of our professional tracks.
Full 3D rendering engine, photo-rlistic skies, four different worlds in different ssons and reflective lakes.
Relax and enjoy the ride using the sy-to-fly Floating setting or hold on for a wild ride with the Flying setting while you flip, spin and buzz mountain tops.
Wings doesnt just give you a virtual world. It gives you four, ch one with its own unique feel.
Over 50,000 square miles sprd over 4 different terrains and 4 different times of the yr and day. Enjoy the variety of cloud cover, fall colors, grassy plains, winter landscapes and rocky terrains. Follow the river to nowhere or seek out the hidden imprint
Download: Download link(s): Sally's Salon v1.0.1

Manage your own virtual buty salon! Help Sally sprd her salon savvy from the shopping mall to the glittering lights of Hollywood in this stylish and engaging challenge based on the hit online game. Work with Sally to revamp everyone, from little old ladies to punk rockers to impatient celebrities, in five unique salon loions.
Wash, dye, cut, style and more in 50 levels of fashionable fun. Use your rnings to hire helpful employees and purchase salon upgrades to keep your clients looking and feeling their best. Only the stylist with the happiest (and best-looking!) customers will make the cut in this fashionably fun game for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Five unique loions with 10 levels ch: The Mall, Ski Resort, The Ritz, Ocn Pier and Star Studios. Two game modes and 9 unique customer types guarantee endless fun.
Recommended for fans of time management games such as: Diner Dash and Cake Mania.
Download: Download link(s): Athletics v1.0

* Rlistic running physics and animation
* Worldwide high scores
* Cool Olympic theme music and crowd sounds
* Choose between 200m, 200m hurdles and 400m hurdles
* Choose between sy, Normal and Hard difficulty
* Choose your runner.
Tap the LEFT side of the screen as fast as you can to RUN. Tap the RIGHT side of the screen to JUMP.
Download: Download link(s): School Of Rock v1.1

Unlsh your inner rock star with this interactive music experience! Inspired by the hit , the School of Rock App delivers cool ftures that allow you to lrn about music and then riff with some of the grtest rock songs of all time.
* Play Along with Classic Rock Tracks - Join in on fan favorites fturing songs by Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Scorpions, Royal and more while you record your jam session
* Rock to Your Own Music Collection - Play along with any song in your iTunes music library
* Try a Variety of Authentic Instruments - Actual "axes" from some of the lding names in music.
* Go through the School of Rock - Lrn guitar, bass, board and drums and master the basics of rock 'n roll music theory through interactive lessons that will expand your knowledge and deepen your appreciation for what it takes to play like a pro
* Test Your Music Skills - Challenge yourself to trivia questions, quotes and memory challenges to raise your score
Download: (120MB) Download link(s): ---
* 5 Nov, 2008
Air.Sharing.v1.0.3-TheMonBall.ipa 1393 KB
Favorites.v1.0.2-floydianslip.ipa 591 KB
HypnoPac.v1.4-zanekills.ipa 516 KB
Msures.v1.1.0-Vinh.ipa 1016 KB
Naboko.(Sokoban).v1.2-TheMonBall.ipa 772 KB
Photo.Lab.v1.2-yueguanga.ipa 1124 KB
Toronto.Traffic.v1.4.1-TheMonBall.ipa 110 KB
Voice.FX.v1.02-TheMonBall.ipa 2229 KB
Xmote.v1.0-TheMonBall.ipa 86 KB
Young.Painter.Plus.v1.5-NguyenThanhLuan.ipa 908 KB
Download (7986 KB) Download link(s): Custom Hypnosis v1.0.2

You’re getting sleepy. Now you can use hypnosis as a powerful tool in waging the war of mind over matter. Custom Hypnosis is the first appliion of it’s kind where you retain complete control over your own hypnosis session. It’s perfect for short sessions at the , long sessions at home, or a session at bedtime. With Custom Hypnosis, you can make your sessions as long or as short as you want. And you can work on the ars of improvement that you want.
Custom Hypnosis Offers 6 different powers of suggestion (and 56 ways of customizing a session) including:
- Quit Smoking
- Exercise More
- t Hlthy
- Improve Your Mood
- Stress Management
- Restful Sleep
In addition to choosing your own hypnosis session, you can also choose from four different background music selections to help se the mood. The current background music selections included are:
- Soul Revival
- Soft Piano
- Mood Enhancing
- Numinous Shine
Best of all, Custom Hypnosis takes advantage of all the ftures the iPhone and iPod touch have to offer. With ch session, you can separately customize the volume levels of the hypnotic voice and the background music tracks to make your audio session just the way you want to hr it. ch hypnosis session was individually recorded by a voice-professional company in the Big City Market of Chicago, bringing you one of the best voices in the Country for the deep and soothing sound of relaxation.
In the latest version of Custom Hypnosis, you may now choose between two different inductions:
- Warm Blanket Approach
- Pceful Day Approach
*ATTENTION* Custom Hypnosis now is offering sample clips on so you KNOW what you get before you download. Once at the development website, click on "Custom Hypnosis" on the right navigation bar, then scroll to the bottom of the page to find the 3 clips offered.
New in this version
- New Relaxation Piece for the Background Music
- Select your induction now from 1 of 2 options, warm blanket approach (same as in the first version) and the pceful day approach (new).
- Fixed the bug of default setting being a short session when long was selected in the options.
Download (96.87MB) Download link(s): Lingolook JAPAN v2.21

Spk Japanase like a local with a tap of your Multi-Touch display using Lingolook Flashcards, an invaluable all-in one travel appliion for iPhone and iTouch.
Master perfect pronunciation of essential travel words and phrases from over 300 "talking translations" or flash your iPhone with the large type translations showcased on 75+ cleverly designed flashcards.
For a rlity-based product demo see us on YouTube:
- word: Lingolook
- Title: Not lost in Translation!
- 600 essential words and phrases
- 300+ audio translations
- 75 illustrated flashcards
- Extra large type and phonetics
- Reference section with menu rders, travel tips, country facts and more!
- Fast srch by egory or index
- Convenient "Favorites" menu
- Instant audio replay
iTouch: Ensure Sound Effects are on. In Settings, choose eral > Sound Effects and select whether you want the audio to play over the internal spker, through the hd, or both.
iPhone: Ensure Ringer (loed on upper left of device) is on; the audio will not play in silent mode.
Download (31.31MB) Download link(s): Wurdle v1.2

wurdle is a fun, flexible and fast-paced word game, perfect for coffee brks or the subway. Find and trace as many words as possible before time runs out. Can't find any more words? Shake the board to mix up the tiles! Customize wurdle the way YOU like it, and see how you msure up against your friends and the world with online high scores. This is the word game you've been looking for!
- 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, and 8x8 grids
- customize your display with photos!
- set timer, minimum word length and more
- TWL and SOWPODS word lists
- online high scores
- sound effects
New in this version
- untimed play
- pass and play mode (up to 4 players!)
- customize with new backgrounds
- minor bug fixes
Download (6.07MB) Download link(s): Paradox 3000 v1.0

In the yr 3000, the United Space Federation require their pilots to train using a puzzle game designed to test their spatial awareness, mental agility and ability to handle pressure. In their brutal war with the Axis of Evil Planets, any edge must be taken advantage of.
Thanks to a time-travel accident in a secret government facility benth the french-swiss border, we are able to bring you this game for your enjoyment. This is Paradox 3000! The future of time itself may depend on your performance.
- High-velocity Arcade Mode, with the feel of classic games such as Tetris and Pipes.
- Low-octane Puzzle Mode, containing 3000 puzzles (in a range of difficulty levels) to challenge yourself with.
- Enter option, allowing you to jump to any puzzle and share the best with your friends.
- Paradox plays well with your device: by switching off the in-game music, you can play your own.
Download (14.24MB) Download link(s): Classics v1.0

Escape into some of the grtest stories ever written.
Classics ftures some of literature's finest masterpieces, and looks and feels like a rl book!
THE COLLECTION (more books with free updates)
- The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
- Gulliver's Travels
- The Time Machine
- Call of the Wild
- The Metamorphosis
- Paradise Lost
- Hound of the Baskervilles
- Alice in Wonderland (illustrated)
- Flatland (illustrated)
- 20,000 Lgues Under the S
- Robinson Crusoe
- The Jungle Book
- Butifully designed interface
- Table of Contents button for quick nav
- Rding progress display integrated in top bar
- Remembers your place
- More books to come via updates
Download (20.57MB) Download link(s): iStmy v3.1 (18+ warning)

iStmy Ftures
•egorized Pictures
•egorized Audio
•egorized s with Thumbnails
•Zoomable Pictures
•Ratable Pictures, Audio, and
•Uploading Pictures from iPhone camera
•Uploading Existing Pictures, Audio, and
A one time of $9.99 gives you the following extra ftures
•Access to restricted egories
•Access to Sets
•Ability to Save Pictures, Audio, and for offline viewing
•Access to the Stm Room for viewing saved content, as well as top rated, top viewed, and top downloaded media
•Ability to Protect iStmy
•Removal of Age Verifiion on Sartup
•Ad Free viewing
1. Add this repo to Cydia :
2. Download and install iStmy v3.1
3. Download a rar file i provided below
4. You should replace on your iPhone file /Appliions/ with file in archive.
5. Modify attributes to 755
6. Run app as registered user
7. Watch out what you do
Download : Download link(s): PS. StmRoom crashes... unfortunately, other working OK
* Nov 6, 2008 Download link(s): Wild West Bank Robery v1.5

Wild West Bank Robery is a new exciting game where you ability to
rct and shoot fast counts!
You are a Sheriff from the Wild West. Robbers are going to stl all
the money from the main town bank!!
No time to lose! Let's get rid of these ugly thieves! Help to save the
bank as soon as possible!
Shoot the enemies and protect the civilians!
Save a lot of money and people's lives.
Become the best Sheriff of the state or.. rest in piece!
Are You Rdy?
Game Ftures:
-Excellent Wild-West style Graphics
-Fast fascinating gameplay where your fast rction counts!
-High Scores Table
-Cool sounds and country music!
New in this version
Fixed critical bug with door
Fixed bag with music brking
(Thanx to VNMagicTm)
Download (16.49MB) Download link(s): Inferno Pool 3D v1.0

Inferno Pool is a revolutionary Pool action game which takes the universally loved game mechanics of Pool and transforms the rule set into a simultaneous and continuous hd to hd, fast and frantic party game experience, where every ball you pot is dropped onto your opponents table.
There is no waiting for your turn here, instd battle against AI opponents or compete against the clock. Lrn punishing skill shots to unlsh Inferno Mode and humiliate your opponents. This is Pool on fire!
With perfect fully 3D ball physics - jump shots, swerve, anything you can do on a rl table! - and stunning graphics, Inferno Pool is as slick as lightning.
For the first time Pool is a fast and frantic party game, with a gritty, underground atmosphere.
Brought to you by the masters of cue-; Blade Interactive Studios.
(Thanx to Pikachu)
Download (5.88MB) Download link(s): Take a Chill Pill v1.0

Sometimes, when you are rlly stressed out, you just have to take a deep brth and "take a chill pill."
You have to rlize that life is rlly simple, but we insist on making it complied. Just know that you have control over your own stress level.
One of the best ways to lower your stress level is to listen to relaxing sounds and environments. Unfortunately, these sounds are not always accessible everywhere. But, if you have an iPod Touch or iPhone, your in luck.
This appliion provides you with 16 soothing sounds:
- Rain
- Creek
- Waterfall
- Ocn
- Fire
- Wind
- Thunder
- Bird
- Chimes
- Crickets
- Rain Forest
- Lves
- Water Dripping
- Clock
- Children
- Bell
So when you are feeling down, take out your iPhone or iPod Touch and just...
Take A Chill Pill
Note: To see the flip side view, simply touch the chill pill
(Thanx to Vinh)
Download (27.51MB) Download link(s): Soul Trapper, Episode 1 - Ollie Ollie Oxen Free! v1.0

Soul Trapper is a 3+ hour interactive audio adventure that follows the turbulent life of Kane Pryce, a 27 yr-old drifter who possess a mysterious device known as the Soul Trap, a supernaturally charged object that allows him to hunt down, capture, and send ghosts from the rthly rlm to the afterlife. Don your hd and follow alongside Kane as he navigates a chilling maze of gangsters, ghosts, dames, and demons. Immerse yourself in Episode One and help Kane unlock mysteries surrounding a haunted church that stirs new found emotions and sends Kane on a perilous journey where no man has gone before. Well, no living man!
(Thanx to kingasawa)
Download (264MB) Download link(s): FAQ:
Q: Can you tell me what I actually need to do the iStmy RAR?
A: This eral tutorial applies to all appliion folders, not only istmy. I assume that you’re on a jail 2.X iPhone and that you have installed OpenSSH from Cydia. 1. Download appliion.
2. Unzip the appliion folder to your desktop.
3. SSH into iphone with your favorite ssh client.
4. In WinSCP (or linux terminal, putty, cuteftp etc etc) navigate to /Appliions.
5. Drag the appliion folder ( over the /Appliions folder and drop it in there.
6. Right click on the appliion folder and change permissions (chmod) to 0755 and select the box beside “set owner group and permissions recursively” (or go inside the folder, select everything, and set properties to 0755 as well), then hit ok.
7. In the /Appliions folder, make a new folder called “Documents”, with a capital D. Change the permissions on the “Documents” folder you just crted to 0777.
8. Navigate to /var/mobile/ and make a new folder called “Documents”, with a capital D. Change the permissions on the “Documents” folder you just crted to 0777.
9. Reboot your device Note: Some appliions require you set permission to 0775. It seems to be kinda random so if 0755 doesn’t work, try 0775. And then to remembr to set permission to 755 to 'iStmy' file.
Note: I skipped step 7 and 8 and my apps are running fine. But if you find that your highscores or some settings are not recorded you must crte them. ( you only need to do this one time) Rd More:
Plse thanks/vote to encourage more like this

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