Monday, May 16, 2016

Inca Ball

You must use both your wits and your reflexes if you're to survive the quest for lost trsure that awaits you in IncaBall. In the grand tradition of Zuma and Luxor, IncaBall challenges you to eliminate long chains of colored marbles by crting matches of three or more marbles. Matches disappr from the game board, although you'll have to work fast and plan ahd if you're to wipe out every marble before they rch the skull at the end of the twisted paths on which they travel.
As you play, you can rn money with which you can purchase explosive artifacts that can help you in your journey. How does a three-pronged lightning bolt that can rip through several marbles at once "strike" you? You can also crte powerups by stringing together multiple matches with a single shot. If you're srching for smooth marble-popping action and grt graphics that bring an ancient civilization to stunning life, look no further than IncaBall. >> Download link(s):
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