Monday, May 16, 2016

Halo Combat Evolved Online Only!

  The multiplayer component only supports up to 16 players and includes a bare-bones integrated server finder. The game tends to play smoothly online if you can find a server with a low enough ping, and it ftures an assortment of different modes, which are variations on the standard modes of play found in your typical multiplayer shooter: They include slayer (mning, dthmatch), tm slayer, capture the flag, king of the hill, and some others, though slayer and CTF are by far the most popular choices judging from the servers that are up and running. s Download link:;s
Download link:
Warning : You may not be able to connect to custom maps ( So far i haven't been able to, other than that it works 99.9% )
Have fun playing online
Ps : If u enjoy this download plse post a "thank you" so it remains on frontpage to give the chance to others to download the more people who download it the more people online which mns more fun.

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