Monday, May 16, 2016

Half Life I

Black Mesa Resrch Facility, an ultra-secret laboratory under government contract, conducting top-secret and extremely volatile experiments with stuff we're not supposed to know about. You play as Gordon Freeman, a Black Mesa employee. And this morning, as usual, you pit your way to the resrch facility for a run-of-the-mill experiment.But this morning's experiment is not quite as ordinary as you thought. Odd things begin to happen as you make your way to one of the Black Mesa test chambers. Even weirder things happen when you start to move the test sample towards the antimass-spectrometer.
And you ain't seen nothing yet. Yes indeed, the experiment went wrong. Aliens from the planet Xen have suddenly invaded the facility, injuring and/or killing many of the employees. The Marines have come to the facility to kill off the aliens...and the surviving witnesses of the accident. You know what that mns: you'll have to fight your way through aliens and Marines to get to the top of the Black Mesa complex. When you face your ultimate challenge, you'll see why being a government employee rlly does suck.

Screen Shots:

System Required


* Pentium 133 MHz
* 24 MB RAM
* 95/98/NT4/XP
* SVGA card
* -compatible sound card
* 2x -ROM drive
* 400 MB hard- space.


* Pentium 166 MHz
* 32 MB RAM
* OpenGL- or DirectX - compatible 3D accelerator.

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