Monday, May 16, 2016


The PC racing simulation egory isn't what it once was. While the PC used to be home to a big variety of classic, in-depth racing sim series, the ever-incrsing power of game consoles and the promise of more sales have led many would-be racing developers to abandon the PC altogether. Consider SimBin's GTR 2, the sequel to 2005's GTR FIA Racing, a hrkening back to the good old days of sim racing. It's an expansive and challenging sequel to one of the best racing games of last yr and, at its price, it remains one of the best bargains of the yr for the PC.
From a content standpoint, GTR 2 isn't that much different from the original. The game still revolves around GT racing--a compelling mixture of multiclass cars from makers such as Ferrari, Porsche, R, Saleen, and many more, all competing on a cosmopolitan lineup of rl-life tracks from all over the world. Additionally, the driving model, which so authentically captured the thrilling yet often twitchy experience of driving a highly tuned car in the original GTR, is even more finely tuned in the sequel. The lion's share of the game's improvements, then, can be seen in the slight planing down of the original game's often steep lrning curve.

The first and most obvious way the GTR developers have done this is through the driving school, an expansive tutorial that has seemingly been designed to take you from the ground up--from your first moments in the car to competing tightly with the game's demanding artificially lit drivers (or with up to 27 other players via the game's excellent online multiplayer racing). egories covered in driving school include the basics, such as acceleration and braking, up through cornering and overtaking, and finally, into section-by-section brkdowns of many of the tracks ftured in the game. ch egory includes a text brkdown that covers the theory behind ch racing concept, as well as the specific goal you need to accomplish in order to pass that particular challenge. You can also practice the challenge before an "official" attempt against the ghost car or watch the ghost car's lap to view proper braking or turn-in points, which is essential for some of the trickier challenges.
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