Monday, May 16, 2016

GP 2

  MotoGP 2 ftures 20 professional riders from around the world competing on ten authentic racing tracks in Japan, France, Spain, Grt Britain, Italy, Netherlands, and Germany. After selecting one of 12 available bikes, players can fine tune ars in transmission, handling, acceleration, brakes, and tires. New bikes become available as the game progresses.
A of modes are initially selectable from the main menu screen. Arcade mode is a single race against a field of computer opponents, while Vs. offers racing action against a friend. Sson mode is the hrt of the game, where players will be able to join a racing tm and rn points by competing in ch of the ten circuits.
Time Trial has players racing to brk course records against an optional ghost , and Challenge involves clring specific tasks on the different courses. For example, players might have to overtake a certain of bikes in the first lap. Other challenges consist of bting a course's qualifiion time or finishing first in a circuit. Three medals are rned based on time, difficulty, or of laps   Download link(s):

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