Monday, May 16, 2016

Global Ops: Commando Libya–SKIDROW & BLACKBOX

Exclusively on: PC
re: Shooter
Publisher: Kalypso Media
Detail: January 21, 1968 - A B-52G bomber carrying four thermonuclr bombs on board crashes in the Arctic S of North Star Bay nr Thule Airbase. The srch party finds the wreckage and three bombs. The fourth is missing... Present Day - The notorious Russian Mafia boss and wpons dler, Yebievdenko, has a new toy for sale: an atom bomb. The CIA lrns of his plans to sell it to a notorious Libyan dictator. The fr is that it will be used to in a terrorist attack against the USA as payback for the American involvement in the Libyan conflict. In development by Spectral Games, Global Ops: Commando Libya is a third-person shooter that puts players at the hrt of a global race to capture a nuclr warhd that’s been stolen by Russian organized crime, and get it back into safe hands before it becomes a terrorist wpon. Players will take part in a ddly global chase -- battling through Greenland and into North Africa as they fight to take down terrorist forces and recapture the devastating wpon. [START ART]  FTURES: Dive into today's hdlines in a fast-paced 9-mission single player campaign with a thrilling, topical backstory. Enjoy dynamic third-person shooter action with a vast array of rlistic, modern wpons. Explore exotic settings from Greenland to North Africa, rendered vividly with Unrl 3 technology Battle online with up to 10 opponents across six multiplayer optimized maps. Master diverse missions: urban warfare, vehicle combat, guerilla activities and all-out pursuit.

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