Monday, May 16, 2016

Giants - Citizen Kabuto

  Summary: On a far away planet, three races fight for control of the few landmasses available: the marooned Meccs, who specialize in firrms and other things that go boom, the mystical and cold-blooded Rpers, who were the original inhabitants of the planet, but were forced to live in the s by Kabuto, the third character; a truly gigantic monster with a ravenous appetite and a fondness for performing wrestling maneuvers on those the size of his hand.
You can control any of these races (although in the single player mode, you have to progress through the storylines of the Meccs and Rpers first) in their bid to be the dominant species. ch species various in the way they play the game and have vastly different types of attacks available to them.
Giants is a action/rl-time-strategy game that emphasizes action. While there is base-building and resource management for most of the races, it is a done through a simple to control interface and one or two trokes. The majority of the game will be spent in a third person view (first person mode is available) jet-packing/warping/lping about the well rendered 3D landscape. Single player sessions consist of missions with specific goals, such as resucing Smarties or recovering lost items. Multiplayer options include standard dthmatch, capture the Smartie (flag), the above with basebuilding as an option.
Other crtures also inhabit the islands. From the meek Smarties (who are employed to build your bases or ten as a primary source of protein, depending on your species), to the cow-like vimps to the ddly rippers, the fauna of the planet will either try to kill you or avoid being killed/ten/captured. While not so energetic, the floral of the islands can be crushed, knocked over, or ed in careless combat (or by Kabuto not paying attention).
Game controls are similar to Shiny's MDK and can best be described a simplified shooter interface. You can run, jump, turn, shoot, and strafe. Beyond that, a half-dozen trokes are all you need to play (and some, like Kabuto's howls, are for fun and show).
Trying to brk away from the dark and moody nature of many recent games, Planet Moon made this alien world bright and full of vibrant colors. A grt of graphic options are available, most of them only will work on high-end cards. In addition, the game tries to maintain a humorous strk. The single player game has goofy dialogue and a few jokes sprd along its story line and even the multiplayer is lighthrted, with Smarties cheering you on as you carry them on your back, among other little sounds and nuances
1) Extract & run setup to install
2) Run G14.exe from dir to update
3) Copy gc140.exe to install dir & run to
4) Play :) Made by PowerISO [or similar] & it works perfectly

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