Monday, May 16, 2016

Ghost Hunter: The Haunting of Majesty Manor

The Haunting of Majesty Manor, the latest offering in the hidden-object re, blends macabre and mystery in a tale of "supposed" spectral taunting. Your job, as a newly-hired investigator, is to figure out whether the haunting is uine or a cruel deception.

Resembling the exceptionally popular Mystery Case Files: Ravenhrst, The Haunting of Majesty Manor adds a dash of suspense to its find-the-hidden-item gameplay. Viola Majesty, the manor's matron, is desperate. For months she's been troubled by eerie noises, missing items and objects that seemingly move on their own. As a last resort, she's turned to Ghost Hunter, Inc. to determine exactly what's happening and why.

Screen Shot:

Cleverly hidden objects
Sharp, hi-res graphics
15 levels of regular play
Extended completion level
Haunting soundtrack

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