Monday, May 16, 2016

Forgotten Riddles - The Mayan Princess

  Summary: Being an archaeologist usually entails braving scorching ht, digging rthen graves, exploring unknown tombs, and yes, solving mysteries of the times past. Forgotten Riddles - The Mayan Princess, however, skips the physical part of the journey and goes straight to solving the mystery.
>> You will play a renowned archaeologist who's been commissioned by the embassy to solve a mystery. Three runes have been recently found which could prove that a certain Mayan Princess died a full two decades after her supposed yr of dth. Your mission is to find the pieces of a bigger puzzle which the world is yet to see. Forgotten Riddles - The Mayan Princess; is a game of wit, quickness, and clarity of the mind (and eyes). You will be given a choice to play either the archeologist or the assistant at the beginning of the game. Playing the archaeologist imposes strint rules on game play. As an assistant, however, you are allowed a longer time limit and access to more hints.
The game play itself consists of various puzzles and riddles. You will be given a set of runes per stage, ch one equating to a riddle. The answers to the riddles are hidden objects which can all be found on a big collage. You need to solve ch riddle and find the hidden object before your time runs out. If you choose to play the assistant instd of the secretary, you would be given access to more of hints. There are also other types of puzzles to be solved in the game, ch one contributing to finding another clue of the mysterious Mayan Princess. Every time you pass a stage, a new ld would substantiate, bringing you closer to the ever elusive answer.
Forgotten Riddles - The Mayan Princess, brings the fun back to critical thinking. Though the riddles are relatively sy, having to work on a time limit and at the same time, finding the answer through a hodge-podge of cluttered items makes the game challenging and worthwhile.

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