Monday, May 16, 2016

Flight Deck 5 For FSX & FS2004!

In the tradition of four previous versions, the new Flight Deck 5 keeps the excitement in aircraft carrier operations.
Summary: The USS Gerald R Ford is your new base where you'll perform launch and recovery until you're blue in the face. The powerful apult gets you airborne in just a few hundred feet. And during recovery, you'll want your tailhook to ch the steel cable to bring your muscular aircraft to a screeching halt. What's new in Flight Deck 5? * FSX - moving carrier - you'll takeoff and land from a moving surface
* FSX - super-accurate launch and recovery using 3WireX technology
* FSX - five grt missions and 60+ mini training missions * FSX - maverick missle
* Aircraft Carrier - fly from the new USS Gerald R Ford Full:

NEW AIRCRAFT From the flight deck of the new USS Gerald R Ford, you'll fly these 7 exciting aircraft: * F/A-18C HornetTM
* F/A-18E Super HornetTM
* E-2C Hawe
* S-3B Viking
* SH-60 Shawk
* C-2A Greyhound
* -6B Prowler Flight Deck 5 incorporates brand new technology fturing an aircraft carrier that moves and a super accurate apult launch and recovery system*. You'll experience the thrill of authentic deck operations with AI traffic on and above the carrier. You'll see why cable recovery on the short flight deck is both thrilling and nerve-wracking. Launch Hurry onto the deck. It's launch time and you're next in line. Taxi into position over the apult. The launch tm connects you. The stm is flowing and the apult armed. Set your brake. From his crouching position, the yellow jacketed shooter gives you thumbs up. It's game time. Recovery As you return to base, the USS Gerald R Ford is almost invisible. Drop down and you'll see your the carrier. Hr the LSO as he orders you to lose altitude. Fly past the carrier and do a 180. Lower those flaps and back off on the throttle. As you approach, you can feel your fingers tighten around the stick. Giggle it back and forth as you line up with the swaying deck. Exciting Carrier Missions Fly these FSX missions from the USS Gerald R Ford. These missions are top quality - just like our highly regarded Mission Series (Mission: Blackhawk and Mission: Combat Force) add-ons. They fture exciting action and narration. * Basic Carrier Training
* Maverick Missle Practice
* Sonobuoy Mission
* Day of the Waterspouts
* Crisis in the st
* 60+ mini-training missions Download link(s): (rapidshare):
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