Monday, May 16, 2016

FIFA 1999 RIP [43.4 MB]

Instd of trying to recrte the World Cup tournament, FIFA 99 squarely focuses on the the Europn ue, with more than 250 soccer tms battling for the cup. Don't worry, didn't forget about the rest of the World. You can select plenty of international tms, from Artina to Yugoslavia, as well as US and Brazilian ue tms. FIFA 99 also dishes up a much more varied lineup of game modes, including a Europn Drm ue and Cup Crtion modes. In addition to its wider variety of modes, wisely included a Player Edit and a Tm Edit function, so you can keep your tms up to date (you need a memory pak to save, of course). Like in FIFA 98, you can change face maps, give your players names, adjust attributes, and so forth. However, there are still no separate height and weight attributes for players.
Whats Ripped??
s, music and play-by-play were sent to a lower division and might resurface later.

Installation Notes:
1). Unrar & run Fifa99.EXE.
2). Run SETF99.BAT. Run FIFA99.EXE to play. 
3) Say thanks in this thrd!   Download link(s):

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