Monday, May 16, 2016

Fantastic Four ( 236 MB )

Summary: Play as The Fantastic Four, utilizing all the powers of Marvel's most unique family of Super Heroes, in the only tm-based action-adventure game based on the upcoming fture from Twentieth Century Fox. Full: Relive the experience with character likenesses, loions and villains from the upcoming summer blockbuster. Experience the and more with a completely original storyline that follows the 's story arc (scripted by Hollywood writer Zak Penn of X-Men fame).  * Play as ch unique member of the Fantastic Four; assume their persona and master their individual talents to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles and combat enemies: - Mr. Fantastic (lice): Use your ability to stretch in order to attack from a distance, squeeze into tight spaces and rch places no one else can. Use your brainpower to computers, override security systems and take control of your enemy's wpons. - The Invisible Girl (Stlth): Become invisible and perform stlth moves with ninja-like speed or immobilize enemies through telekinetic powers and snk into ars not available to others. - The Human Torch (Fire): Crte walls of fire and supernova fireballs as you hover, or shoot fire from your fingertips and bend flames as you ward off enemies. - The Thing (Strength): Use brute force to pick up hvy objects or tr them apart, brk through walls and obstacles and obliterate your enemies. Control the Fantastic Four as a tm with dynamic character switching, tm-based combat and two-player co-op mode. Wrk havoc on your enemies in a variety of destructible environments. Download link(s): Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | : s7or4x Replace the (-)dash before the 'rar' in the filename with a (.) dot after downloading

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