Monday, May 16, 2016

Dune 3 - Emperor: Battle for Dune  [pc_ign_com]
{"Use as backup purpose only"} By: Games, Westwood Studios
re: Sci-Fi Rl-Time Strategy
Players: 1-8 The game that crted rl-time strategy returns with another take on Frank Herbert's novel, DUNE. Choose one of three houses to control throughout the noble Atreides, the reclusive House Ordos, or the evil House Harkonnen. ch house has its own strengths and liabilities, and ch can form alliances with different sub-houses. All of the battles take place on five unique planets, and ch is rendered in full 3D. As per usual with the series, the object of the game is to mine as much Melange "spice" as possible, but doing so will require excellent resource management and sharp combat skills. Full:
Emperor: Battle for Dune -

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1 2 3 4   FOR THE LATEST (1.09) FOR THE For all the free RS users, don't dispair, you'll only need the first disc to install and then any other to play, tho your limited in the campaign for choosing the house. 2 is Atreides 3 Harkonnen, 4 Ordos...although I can be wrong in the order, but I know 4 is ordos.
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