Monday, May 16, 2016

Download with Premium Speed from by (LET’S SIT LIKE THE LOO!)

The ‘Rapids’ method introduced by has enabled to share further!!! We are planning to give all the gameloo’s fans the so called Rapids which can be converted into download volumes; for the detail see here:
Rapids will be given out to the's crazy friends! So just get crazy with us:
Be the fan of our Facebook Lve your comment anywhere about us Follow us through twitter Join Chat with the Gameloo’s visitors Share the thrd with your friends! If you can prove you are such a serious fan, just send us your Public-ID, then we will send you the 14Rapids = 5GB volume to your account (if you keep being serious, you get another 14Rapids and another 14 and another 14!!!)
Anyway, we are also offering the shared 5GB volume for all the FaceBook fans of every week by crting a shared Rapidshare Premium Account which you can use to download directly from RS. For the detail of username and , plse visit our FaceBook Fan Page.

You need to wait 3 days till the Rapids are received by the recipient.
And if you think you have surplus Rapids, you can help another by donating some to our GameLoo account, so we can share more: BFC99DD54C99A03EFC9DEB6FCF1203E9

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