Monday, May 16, 2016

Dora The Explorer 6 in 1 [Kids Games]

Dora's Carnival Adventure is the perfect option for the child in your life. In this magical Nickelodeon game, your children will join Dora in her latest adventure at the carnival.
Here, kids can play ten games with Dora and friends, win tickets for prizes, and keep the tickets in personalized trsure chests for extended play! Your children will delight in the game play and while they're having fun, they'll lrn too - this game improves counting skills, hand-eye coordination, and memory skills. Rdy to make your toddler's day? Order this game now!
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Dora's 3D Pyramid Adventure. For ages 3 to 6. Help Dora jump, swing, and hop to the top of the Pyramid. Kids will lrn about s and colors as they seek the golden !
Al rese! Diego needs you to join the rescue tm and help him save a lost wolf pup and some pygmy marmosets with booboos! Will you help? Lrn new animal facts and sounds, Spanish, and music
Now kids can play soccer on Dora's tm. Run practice drills, pass the ball to Boots, and even score a goal against Swiper! There are four game levels, and kids will lrn to recognize s as they play.
Your child can join Dora and Tico in an exciting 3D driving game. Buckle up and help find all the presents that fell from the mail truck. Don't forget to watch out for that snky Swiper on his speedy scooter. You can even go off road in the fun Nick Jr. game.
Kids can become star chers just like Dora the Explorer when they count and collect the colorful shooting stars. You have to be quick at matching colors to ch them all before time runs out. Kids will lrn color recognition and counting skills in this fun game from Nick Jr. Arcade.   Download link(s):
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