Monday, May 16, 2016

Dl or No Dl

Dl or No Dl
Now you can play the show that has the nation scrming at their sets on your home PC!
One of the cases is worth a million dollars. Another, just a penny. No stunts. No trivia questions. Simply pick a case, match wits with the Banker and answer the question that can change your life.

Screen Shots:

For added fun, play the "Custom Prize" mode where you can insert family-friendly prizes in the briefcases instd of cash. For some, "Walk My Dog" is the grtest prize of all.

Challenge friends and family to the game that is equal part nerves and cunning. All you have to do is answer one important question…

Dl or No Dl?

System requirements
800 MHz
256 MB RAM

Installation file: 608 Mb

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