Monday, May 16, 2016

Darconio Vintage Rips collection

Thanks to: darconio
{"Use as backup purpose only"} Ok guys darconio decided to share his pc-game rips collection. 
He has 4 full of stuff; and plse consider that these games are quite old and might not work with the latest DirectX/OS.
Enjoy and don't forget to say thanks : darconio Full:

Download link(s): (rapidshare)
Age of Imperialism
DL/INF: Alarm for Cobra 11
DL/INF: A Mudr
DL/INF: Battle for Troy
DL/INF: Bowling Mania
DL/INF: Cold Case Files
DL/INF: Colin McRae 4
DL/INF: Corvette
DL/INF: Die Hard Trilogy 2
DL/INF: Dominions 2
DL/INF: Driver
DL/INF: F1 Challenge 99-02
DL/INF: Ford Racing 2
DL/INF: Mini Golf 2003
DL/INF: Goal Getter
DL/INF: Removal Man
DL/INF: Sail Simulator 4
DL/INF: Mashed
DL/INF: Outlaw Golf
DL/INF: Pizza connection 2
DL/INF: Nexagon Dthmatch
DL/INF: M Celebrity Dthmatch
DL/INF: Maximum Extreme
DL/INF: Puzzle Pack
DL/INF: Freedom Fighters
DL/INF: No One Lives Forever
DL/INF: Rapala Pro Fishing
DL/INF: Rally Masters
DL/INF: Traitors Gate 2
DL/INF: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
DL/INF: Summer Games 2004
DL/INF: Yetisport Deluxe
DL/INF: Usa Bass Championship
DL/INF: Tony Hawk Underground 2
DL/INF: Thief 3
DL/INF: The Suffering
DL/INF: Vampire The Masquerade Redemption
DL/INF: The Simson Hit And Run
DL/INF: World Championship Rugby
DL/INF: Dd To Rights
DL/INF: Desert Storm 2
DL/INF: Destruction Derby 2
DL/INF: e Rally
DL/INF: Gods And erals
DL/INF: Harley Davidson
DL/INF: Hot Wired
DL/INF: Midnight Nowhere
DL/INF: Midtown Madness 2
DL/INF: Monster Garage
DL/INF: Myth The Fallen Lords
DL/INF: NASCAR Craftsman Truck Racing
DL/INF: Neighbours From Hell 2
DL/INF: Ford Racing Off Road
DL/INF: Populous 2
DL/INF: Prince Of Persia The Sands Of Time
DL/INF: Riot Police
DL/INF: School Tycoon
DL/INF: Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unlshed
DL/INF: Seven Kingdoms
DL/INF: Sitting Ducks
DL/INF: Ski Resort Tycoon Deep Powder
DL/INF: Ski-Doo X-Tm Racing
DL/INF: Star Wars Battle Ground
DL/INF: State Of Emercy
DL/INF: StrongHold
DL/INF: Technomage
DL/INF: Trackmania
DL/INF: Chrysler West Coast Rally
DL/INF: Yu Gi Oh Power Of Chaos
DL/INF: Airport Tycoon
DL/INF: Apache AH-64 Air Assault
DL/INF: Armed And Dangerous
DL/INF: Bvis And Butthd
DL/INF: Bridge It
DL/INF: Chris Sawyer's Locomotion
DL/INF: Cold Zero
DL/INF: Dd Man's Hand
DL/INF: Age Of Wonders 2
DL/INF: Airline Tycoon
DL/INF: Austin Power Pinball
DL/INF: Battle Rlms
DL/INF: Bch Soccer
DL/INF: Bch Volleyball
DL/INF: Big Mutha Truckers
DL/INF: Hoyle Board Games
DL/INF: Buzzing Cars
DL/INF: Capitalism 2
DL/INF: Castrol Honda Superbike 2000
DL/INF: Championship Manager 01-02
DL/INF: Championship Manager 4
DL/INF: Tournament Chess
DL/INF: Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun
DL/INF: Commandos Behind The Enemy lines
DL/INF: CTU Marine Sharpshooter
DL/INF: Defender Of The Crown
DL/INF: Desperados
DL/INF: Dukes of Hazzard
DL/INF: Emperor Rise of the Middle Kingdom
DL/INF: Europe 1400
DL/INF: Fila World Tour Tennis
DL/INF: Gladiator Of Rome
DL/INF: High Ht Major Lgue Baseball 2004
DL/INF: Hot Chix 'n' Gr Stix
DL/INF: Hoyle Card Games 2004
DL/INF: KKND Extreme
DL/INF: Knight Rider
DL/INF: Lego Stunt Rally
DL/INF: London R - World Challenge
DL/INF: Mini Golf Master 2
DL/INF: Partners
DL/INF: Patrician 2
DL/INF: Praetorians
DL/INF: Prisoner Of War
DL/INF: Rl Pool 2
DL/INF: Remington Big Buck Trophy Hunt
DL/INF: Roland Garros
DL/INF: Sanitarium
DL/INF: Splinter Cell
DL/INF: Stunt GP
DL/INF: Sudden Strike 2
DL/INF: Superchix 76
DL/INF: Theme Hospital
DL/INF: Tough Trucks
DL/INF: Traffic Giant
DL/INF: Ultimate Ride Coaster Deluxe
DL/INF: Virtua Tennis
DL/INF: War Commander
DL/INF: Warcraft 2
DL/INF: Winter Olympics 2002
DL/INF: Zoo Tycoon
DL/INF: Incubation
DL/INF: X-Plane
DL/INF: Ipswich Town Official Management
r JetBoat Super Champs
DL/INF: Kingpin
DL/INF: Lego Soccer Mania
DL/INF: Luigi's Big Adventure
DL/INF: Manhunt
DL/INF: Mobility
DL/INF: Monster inc Pinball
DL/INF: Nascar Leds
DL/INF: Natural Fawn Killers
DL/INF: Postal
DL/INF: Railroad Tycoon 2
DL/INF: Rival Chess
DL/INF: SimCity 2000
DL/INF: SimCity 3000
DL/INF: Ski Park Manager 2003
DL/INF: Super Off Road
DL/INF: The Farm
DL/INF: Viper Racing
DL/INF: Virtua Cop 2
DL/INF: VR Aquarium
DL/INF: Warlords Battlecry III
DL/INF: X2 Wolverine's Revenge
DL/INF: 3D Bowling USA
DL/INF: 3D Ultra Pinball
DL/INF: Agassi Tennis eration 2002
DL/INF: Age Of Empires
DL/INF: Age Of Mythology
DL/INF: Airport Tycoon II
DL/INF: Ignition
DL/INF: Hornado
DL/INF: Hitman Contracts
DL/INF: Gran Prix 4
DL/INF: Eternal War
DL/INF: Command & Conquer Red Alert 2
DL/INF: Bch Slam Pro Bch Volleyball
DL/INF: Archangel
DL/INF: Bch King Stunt R
DL/INF: Big Biz Tycoon 2
DL/INF: Birdie Shoot
DL/INF: BomberMan Collection
DL/INF: Bubble Bobble 2
DL/INF: Civilization III
DL/INF: name Nina
DL/INF: Commandos Beyond The Call of Duty
DL/INF: Daredevil Pinball
DL/INF: Dth Rally
DL/INF: Far West
DL/INF: Gangsters 2
DL/INF: Battle Rlms Winter Of The Wolf
DL/INF: Celtic Kings
DL/INF: Championship Surfer
DL/INF: Chariots of War
DL/INF: Enigma Rising Tide
Plse thanks/vote to encourage more like this

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