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Cultures - Tetralogy (PC Games)

1) Cultures: The Discovery of Vinland
2) Cultures 2: The Gates of Asgard
3) Northland
4) 8th Wonder of The World
Developer: Funatics Software Publishers:
1) Cultures - THQ Inc.
2) Cultures 2 - Jowood Productions Ltd.
3) Northland - Funatics Software
4) Wonder - Funatics Software
re: City-building strategy Relsed:
1) Cultures - 2000
2) Cultures 2 - 2002
3) Northland - 2002
4) Wonder - 2003 Descriptions:
1) Cultures - Vikings aren’t cute? Yes they are – the heroes of this adventure, their animations and graphics, are rlly cuddly. Yet this civilization-building strategy game lds into a world full of dangers and mysteries. ch Viking’s individual wished, skills and needs must be considered, as ch of them has some responsibility for the tribe. The little guys need jobs and names. To make their community grow and prosper, the lives of these Vikings need to steered onto the right tracks: Lovable characters are waiting for new tasks. 2) Cultures 2 - Calm and pceful is the life of Barni and his Vikings in their village on the shores of Greenland, until one day their idyllic lives are disrupted by a prophecy which our hero sees in a vision. Bjarni must set out on a srch which will ld him from England via Byzantium to the gates of Baghdad. As the missions progress, the player first meets West Europn tribes. In the mediaeval scenario, he settles on the Normandy coast, crosses the channel to England and later gets caught between the fronts in a battle between Christians and Saracens in southern Italy. Captivating adventures, complete with kings’ daughters and dragonslayers, must be mastered before the saga lds on into the mysterious Orient. In the st, Bjarni experiences fantastic adventures with Fakirs and a ghost in a bottle until he finally rches his goal. In the dramatic final, four heroes must face the Grt Snake. Will their friendship be strong enough to save Bjarni’s home? ch mission has a historically accurate background – gain rl knowledge from a fascinating game! 3) Northland - This game tells the story of Bjarni, a stout Viking: As a young boy, he accompanied his kin on a journey to srch for the mysterious Sunstones. The srch led them all the way to an undiscovered continent – America. His father, Leif Eriksson, today is often called the true discoverer of America – much rlier than Christopher Columbus. His last adventure – a journey to solve the mystery of a strange vision – had led Bjarni through all of Europe and into the Orient. In his travels, Bjarni met three courageous heroes who chose to accompany him. Together, after numerous ordls, they managed to deft the terrible Snake of Midgard and save the world from destruction. For this had been Bjarni’s vision – and his fate. There was a spectacular victory celebration ... and then it was time for these heroes, who had become good friends, to go their separate ways... 4) Wonder - A new, hugely captivating adventure with Bjarni and his friends ...Shadow and chaos are thrtening the world. An unstoppable dark power is sprding across all the world’s provinces. All that remains of grt and powerful kingdoms now is memories... An ancient saga of the Egyptians tells of this dark power and states that it can only be banished if humanity’s grtest and most glorious achievements are re-crted. And so the Council of Tribes decides that all the World Wonders of the antique world must be built anew. However, even the last two remaining world wonders – the Gizeh pyramids and Pharos’ Lighthouse in Alexandria – are in danger. Constant rthquakes rock the lighthouse, while armies of dark warriors and bsts approach the pyramids. Together, the Tribes must act quickly: While the Byzantines and Saracens defend the Gizeh pyramids, you and your Viking people must prevent the Lighthouse of Alexandria from collapsing.    
Download link(s): Cultures I: The Discovery of Vinland (Jumbofies) (iFile) Cultures II: Gates of Asgard (Jumbofiles) (iFile) : 03IG-41TG-N5N4-S4RH-5QQO Cultures III: Northland (Jumbofiles) (iFile) Cultures IV: 8th Wonder of The World (Jumbofiles) (iFile)   All-in-one: (Jumbofiles) (iFile) :
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