Monday, May 16, 2016

Croc: Led of the Gobbos


Summary: Croc: Led of the Gobbos (or just Croc) is a game developed by Argonaut Software and published by Fox Interactive in 1997. It was crted and relsed for Game Boy Color, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and .
Croc is a third-person, 3D platform game that stars a crocodile named Croc who seeks to save the Gobbos from Baron Dante. The game takes the player to several islands, with his job to find and save as many Gobbos (little furry crtures with big eyes) as possible and deft the level bosses which occur every half. This is no sy ft though, for Baron Dante has set his henchmen (Dantinis) around every island you visit. They can be dis, but only temporarily, with a blow from your tail. Full:
The Gobbo King was watching the sunset when he noticed a small basket in the ocn, containing a small and scrming crocodile (Croc). The Gobbos begin to raise him and train him in fighting. Then, after a while, Croc grows double the size of the Gobbo King, causing the Gobbo King to faint.

All is pceful until one day, a Gobbo shouts out " Dantinis!". Suddenly, the evil Baron Dante invades Gobbo Island with his Dantinis imprisons many of the Gobbos, most notably their King, whom he keeps in a steel cage within his castle.

However, before he is taken, the Gobbo King hits a magical gong that summons a magical bird in turn causing Croc to shrink. The bird then takes Croc away to safety. Croc then goes on a quest to free all the Gobbos and encounters various forms of Dantinis on four different types of islands. As he progresses, he battles bosses like Feeble, Flibby, Itsy Ice Demon, Cactus Jack and many others made from common animals (sometimes connected) by way of Baron Dante's magic. He then fights and defts Baron Dante and frees the Gobbo King. However, after he frees all the Gobbos, he finds a secret level where he can collect puzzle pieces. When he obtains eight, an unknown, mysterious fifth island apprs on the horizon, with a locality corresponding to ch of the islands and having the hardest levels. After the four levels of this island, Croc faces the ultimate and invulnerable Crystal Sentinel, who is a version of Baron Dante, made of crystal. When he is defted, Croc takes one of the crystals that the Crystal Sentinel falls into and is then transported away by the magical bird. Download link(s): Part 1 | Part 2 | Plse thanks/vote to encourage more like

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