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/ Copy Protection Utilities Mega Post


AntiBlah v1.0 (10-2005) [114 KB]
AntiBlah (Yet Another Anti-SecuROM7 Registry Trick) is a tool which can avoids blacklisting of /emulation software, like Alcohol 120% & DAEMON Tools, by SecuROM v7.

Anti-Blaxx v1.17 (10-2005) [446 KB]
Anti-Blaxx is a tool which can avoids blacklisting of /emulation software, like Clone, Alcohol 120%, BlindWrite & DAEMON Tools, by certain / protections. ... nstall.exe

BetaBlocker v1.01 ENGLISH (26-01-2002) [16 KB]
BetaBlocker is able to remove the "wk sectors" from a SafeDisc v2 protected Clone file.
Version 1.01 is able to bypass the latest SafeDisc v2.51.xx protection! Keep in mind that this tool is NOT foolproof and that a -Rder/-Writer combination is required that alrdy can backup SafeDisc protected games! Better use -RW medium to try it out!

Daemon Tools v4.00 (14-11-2005) [1.4 MB]
DAEMON Tools is an advanced appliion for multiprotection emulation and it incorporates these ftures:
* Running BACKUP copies of SafeDisc v1-v4, SecuROM v1-v7 & StarForce v1-v3 protected games.
* Mounting CUE, ISO, NRG and C files as virtual ROM drives (more formats are currently supported).
It works under 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP with all types of ROM drives (IDE/SCSI), if you are using 95 then you must have at lst Win 95B (with installed USB Supplement and Internet Explorer 4 or higher).

Insektors v3.0 (04-11-2002) [594 KB]
Insektors is a -Protection emulator for SafeDisc & SecuROM protected games. There is no need to have a DAO, RAW or Sub compatible -Writer/Rder and it is now fully compatible with Win9x, WinME, Win2k & WinXP!

ISO Directory v0.5 [280 KB]
ISO Directory is a tool to cutdown the filesize of *.ISO and *.MDF s to its file tree, this is very useful for Fixed/Mini-s! And it is able to extract the StarForce from a Fixed/Mini-, if one exists.

Mini- Ripper (MiR) v1.0 (18-03-2003) [17 KB]
Mini Ripper is a tool to crte a much smaller - from an existing - which can be used in combination with Emulation software, like DAEMON Tools, to emulate a No- .

PlayBackup v2.1 (22-01-2001) [307 KB]
PlayBackup does not the appliion, it alters the Protection delivered from the -ROM "on the fly":
* SecuROM :
If the appliion tries to rd subchannel data from the -ROM, the PlayBackup driver delivers altered data. Result: The copy will be identified as an original.
* Hide -Writer :
When the appliion checks, if the inserted media is a -R or -RW, the PlayBackup driver will always deliver "This is a pressed, silver ". Result: Backups will run from -Writers and combo drives.
* Safe v2 :
This is the rlly cool one. As a lot of writers can't write special "Safe2 Sectors", replaces these sectors with "literal descriptions" of the sector content. These replacement sectors can be written by all writers.
When playing the backup, the PlayBackup driver converts these sectors to the original content. Result: The backup will run!

PoxyLok v1.3b (19-06-2001) [10 KB]
PoxyLok is able to remove the -Copy Protection from CopyLok/Lok protected games/programs!

SafeDisc 2 Clner v1.2.0 (16-10-2002) [59 KB]
SafeDisc 2 Clner is able to remove the -Copy Protection from SafeDisc v2 (up to v2.60.52) & SafeCast (up to v2.11.60) protected games/programs!

SafeDisc 4 Blocker v1.0 (21-10-2005) [928 KB]
SafeDisc 4 Blocker is a tool which can avoids blacklisting of /emulation software, like DAEMON Tools v4, by SafeDisc v4.

SafeDisc 4 Hider v1.1 (26-11-2005) [160 KB]
SafeDisc 4 Hider is a tool which can avoids blacklisting of /emulation software, like DAEMON Tools, by SafeDisc v4.

Securom 7 Loader v1.0 (20-11-2005) [115 KB]
Securom 7 Loader is a tool which hides /emulation software, like DAEMON Tools v4.00 or Alcohol 120%, so that they are not detected by SecuROM v7.

SR7.Stop v1.2 (12-2005) [11 KB]
SR7.Stop is a tool which can avoids blacklisting of /emulation software, like Clone, Alcohol 120%, BlindWrite & DAEMON Tools, by SecuROM v7.

StarFucker v0.83 Beta (04-01-2005) [598 KB]
StarFucker is able to dctivate ROM & ROM drives. Works for SecuROM v5.0X.XX, StarForce v3.4.49.X & StarForce v3.4.63.2

TETRIS v1.1 (01-11-2005) [39 KB]
TETRIS is a - emulator which is able to emulate twin-sectors. It can be used to make a fully working backups of some protected games. For this to work a proper clone and corresponding tdf file is required.
TETRIS is short for: Twins Emulation Tool Relsed In Summer

TwinPk v0.2 (09-11-2002) [144 KB]
TwinPk Removes the SecuROM NEW protection from D/BWA s!

unSafeDiscX v1.43 (22-03-2003) [221 KB]
unSafeDisc is able to remove the -Copy Protection from SafeDisc & SafeDisc v2 (up to v2.40.10) protected games!

unSafeShit v2.51.xx v2 (02-05-2002) [11 KB]
unSafeShit is able to remove the -Copy Protection from SafeDisc v2.5 protected game!

UnSecuromNT v1.0 (05-03-2005) [32 KB]
SecuromNT is able to remove the -Copy Protection from older SecuROM protected game. UnSecuromNT is compatible with WinXP/2000.

Virtual--Hide v1.0.0.4 (06-07-2005) [32 KB]
Virtual--Hide is able to hide Virtual -Drives which are otherwise detected by SecuROM v5 & v7 protected games. ... .0.0.4.rar

Identifying Utilities:

Identifier v4.4.1 (20-09-2005) [1.0 MB]
Identifier retrieves and interprets the prerecorded information (ADIP) of ±R, ±RW and Blu-Ray discs. The ADIP contains a variety of parameters such as disc manufacturing information and supported write speeds.

InfoPro v4.32 (03-10-2005) [3.8 MB]
InfoPro provides information & tools for ±R/RW/ROM drives.

Plextor VDInfo v1.24 (13-09-2005) [179 KB]
VD Info retrieves and interprets the ADIP of ±R and ±RW discs.

Protection ID v5.0 Final C (14-12-2004) [115 KB]
Protection Scanner is a very small utility which can identify which Protection is being used on certain game executables (EXE, DLL or DAT files).
It currently detects the following / Protections:
* 3PLock
* Lock
* Lok
* Laserlock
* Safecast
* Safedisc
* SecuROM
* Settec Alpha ROM
* Starforce
* Tag├ęs
* VOB Protect
* /-Checks & /:
o Scans for Strings like "Plse insert the original -ROM/-ROM"
o detects possible -Checks API's (GetVolumeInformationA + GetDriveTypeA)
And it detects the following encrypted/compressed files:
Anti Software Protector, Armadillo, ASPack, ASProtect, BJFnt, Def v1.0, EXE32 Pack, Exe Bundle, ExeProt, EXE Stlth, FSG, Lamecrypt, Krypton, Neolite, NFO, Noodle Cryp, Obsidium Software, Protection, PE Bundle, PE Compact, PE Diminisher, PE Mangle, PE Lock, PE Nightmare, PE Ninja, PE Pack/Crypt, PE Shield, PEnguincrypt, Petite, PeX, PhrozenCrew PE Shrinker, PKLite32, Shrinker, Simple PE Crypter, Slovak Protector, Special EXE Protector, Softdefender, Stone´s PE Encrypter, TeLock, UPX, VBO Watch, VGCrypt, VGShrink, WinKrypt,WWPack 32, Xtreme Protector, Yoda Crypt ... inal_C.rar

Rip Software:

Decrypter v3.5.4.0 (01-06-2005) [878 KB]
Decrypter is a CSS decryption tool that has a lot of ftures, including CSS authentiion/detection, multi-angle processing, Macrovision and Region removal. Also includes option to use either VOBDec or DeCSS Plus to decrypt the . ... .5.4.0.exe

NUMenu4U v2.0.15 (28-06-2005) [3.9 MB]
NUMenu4U is a fully automated program for re-encoding menu's.

SubRip v1.02 (23-07-2002) [550 KB]
SubRip is a Subtitles speed ripper.

Audio Software:

X2 Music v2.10 [2.6 MB]
X2 Music is the ultimate tool to make your own music from (almost) any kind of audio files, it is also is a multimedia player which supports playback from , divx, wma, ogg and other formats!
* Media Player - supports , divx, wma, ogg and other formats.
* Audio Converter - converts almost any kind of media to WAV or files.
* Grabbing - grabs the authentic music from an Audio .
* FreeDB support - retrieves the information from the Internet
* Supports almost all MMC compliant R/RW drives.
* 100% WinXP compatible
* Crtes a Soundtrack directly from a or V.
* Crtes Covers
Supported Audio Formats include:
* audio files: .
* MPEG 1/2 Audio/ files: .vob, .avi, .mp2, .mpg, .mpeg
* Divx MPEG4 files: .avi, .mp4
* MS media files: .asf, .wm, .wma, .wmv
* Ogg Vorbis format files: .ogg, .ogm
* Other format files: .wav, .au, .snd, etc.

Protect Utilities:

C-Lock v1.75 build 1231 [1.6 MB]
C-Lock is a tool to modify & "protected" Clone Audio- control files. Several protection mechanisms and three pre-defined routines can be used to do the job. The protected 's are unrdable in /-ROM drives (also on the Yamaha F1 & Plextor PX2410).

WTM Protect v1.51 (10-2003) [237 KB]
WTM Protect is able to protect a -R from being copied using a RAW copy.

/ Benchmarking Utilities:

Nero Speed 1.02e (27-03-2003) [255 KB]
Nero Speed is a utility to set the rding speed of -ROM & -Writers drives.

Nero Speed v0.53 (06-04-2002) [46 KB]
Speed is a benchmark which can test the most important ftures of a -ROM drive.

Nero InfoTool v1.01 (12-03-2002) [151 KB]
Nero InfoTool returns all relevant information on connected & drives

Rding Utilities:

IsoBuster v1.8 - FULL (28-05-2005) [3.5 MB]
IsoBuster is a specialized yet sy to use and data recovery tool. It supports all and formats and all common and file-systems. It lets you explore a File System while by-passing . Here are the main ftures:
* Better Error handling and several retry-mechanisms to aid you in getting the data anyway.
* More s stay 'rdable' after problems (such as Buffer Underrun).
* Rd and extraction from -i, V, SV, -ROM, -ROM XA, , DV, ...
* Mpg (*.dat) Extraction and dat2mpg 'in one'.
* Short File-names <-> Long File-names
* Recursive directory extracting
And it supports the following types:
*.DAO (Duplior), *.TAO (Duplior), *.ISO (Nero, BlindRd, Crtor), *.BIN (RWin), *.IMG (Clone), *.C (Clone) , *.CIF (Crtor), *.F (Uncompressed), *.NRG (Nero), *.G (Prassi), *.P01 (Toast), *.C2D (WinOn), *.CUE (RWin), *.I (DiscJuggler), *. (-i Opt), *.GI (Prassi Primo), *.PXI (PlexTools), *.MDS (Alcohol), *.MDF (Alcohol), *.VC4 (Virtual ), *.000 (Virtual ), *.B5T (BlindWrite), *.B5I (BlindWrite), *.DMG ( Macintosh).

/DivX Playback Software:

Media Player Classic v6.4.5.4 (09-06-2003) [673 KB]

c Software:

DivX 5.2.1 - 2K/XP - Free Version (11-2003) [7.3 MB]
DivX 5.x is the best known c to playback DivX files.

FFDshow (23-09-2002) [600 KB]
FFDshow is a DivX 3, 4, 5 & XivD c.

K-Lite c Pack v2.53 - Basic [1.3 MB]
K-Lite c Pack is a collection of the latest Audio & cs required to play any kind of media.

XivD c - Koepi's build (29-08-2004) [409 KB]

Audio Software:

BeSweetGUI v0.6b61 (25-10-2002) [170 KB]
BeSweet allows a direct conversion from AC3/MPA/MP2//WAV/LPCM to WAV/MP2//OGG/AIFF.
the output product can be customized using many many switches.

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